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A comparison of two types of firewood Firewood comparison
Anagi story
Anagi stove avoid landmines
Anagi Stove construction
Anagi success
ARECOP Programme
Assessment of the Needs & Potential of Fuelwood Stoves
Availability of SawDust in the Kandy District
Biodiversity Sinharaja Kanneliya
Case study kitchen improvement
Dendro Thermal Power
Energy for cooking
Energy vision Sinhala
Firewood importance Sinhala
Fuelwood and energy prospects
Haybox cooker insulation
Historical timelines of stoves sri lanka
How to make srilankas Anagi stove
How to make Sri Lanka's Anagi II Stove
IAP international seminar speech
IAP monitoring IDEA
Improved Cookstove Production
Improved Wood Stoves
Improving bakeries
Improving Kitchens, Maintaining health
Inequity in the energy sector11
Institutional stoves srilanka
Interventions to reduce IAP
Kitchen workshop srilanka
Lessons anagi
Lessons Learnt srilanka stoves
Measuring Indoor Air (Sinhala)
Minimising health effects of IAP
NERD gasifier launching
NFCP 1986
Notes From the Field - Anagi Stoves
One pot two pot
Paddy Husk Bakeries
PISCES Anagi Working Paper
Progress and overview 1991
Progress of stove program srilanka 1995
Quest for sustainability Anagi stoves
Reducing IAP in Sri Lanka
Renewable Energy Applications (Sinhala)
Sri lanka safe stoves WFP
Sri Lanka Efficient Stove
Srilanka Sustainable energy-poverty
Cook stoves in Sri Lanka
Stove design and dissemination
Stove diisemination faoa
Stove Trading methods
Stoves for people
Training Methodologies adopted in Improved Stoves and Kitchen Improvement Programmes in Sri Lanka
Urban Stove Programmes seminar
Woodstoves Commercialization seminar
WPF anagi stove
IDEA_IAP and Kitchen Improvement Case study
Brick Production case study
Introduction to the environment friendly stove Anagi and Integrated Development Association’s current involvement in its promotion, awareness and advocacy as a part of fighting poverty sustainability

Environment Day EVD Briefing 

Eco Village Development (EVD):  Supporting Sustainability in Sri Lanka
Eco Village Development as Climate solution proposals in South Asia
Eco-village Developments as Climate Solutions Policy Brief 2016

Low carbon Eco Village Development as a solution for Climate change

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